Metalen gevels en daken zoals het hoort!


Metalen Gevels en Daken

Short introduction to Dumebo-DWS and MDG


Branch society Dumebo DWS


Dumebo DWS is a branch society for specialist contractors of metal roof- and outer wall systems. The branch society numbers approximately 50 member-companies and 18 extraordinary members.


The member-companies all work according to the assembly instructions of the Quality directive Metal Outer walls and Roofs © and the Hallmark Dumebo DWS â. They observe the strict delivery conditions of the branch society, which fit in with the general delivery conditions of the Koninklijke Metaalunie.



Mission and activities

Dumebo DWS seeks to strengthen the position of the specialist contractors and assembly companies of metal outer wall- and roof systems, their services and products. We also stimulate a continuous innovation of processes and production in the market.

The four pillars of the Dumebo DWS are:

Promotion of interests

DUMEBO DWS stands up for the interests of its members. These are suppliers and assembly companies of many types of cladding units. Also so-called Dumebo DWS construction partners are associated with us. These are companies that supply products or services to members.

Information and promotion

Dumebo DWS stimulates continuous innovations in and promotion of the metal roofs and outer walls branch of trade. The Hallmark has created reputation in the market. Both the professional market and the private market and their organised interest groups, know where to find the branch society as a centre of information. All activities of Dumebo DWS and its companies are communicated intensively through a digital, sector-wide newsletter.

Training, research, education and transfer of knowledge

DUMEBO DWS provides additional technical in-service training and refresher courses for professional mechanics and makes an effort for specific transfer of knowledge and provision of various sorts of information. Thanks to research and close contacts with various government authorities, branch-related organizations, sister organisations and companies in Germany, Belgium and England, we are able to exchange knowledge and experience, also from outside the association.

Management of the Hallmark Dumebo DWS

As an organised interest group we guard the quality of the products and services of our members. Our final purpose is briefly and to the point: to see that buyers of metal outer wall- and roof systems get quality. To this aim the members follow our advice and stick to the Quality Directive Metal Outer Walls and Roofs


What does Dumebo DWS do for customer, architect, or construction partner?


A building consists of many different components. This applies for both house-building and the utility and industrial construction industries.  Thanks to the many advantages, it is impossible to imagine modern architecture without metal roofs and outer walls.

The branch society enhances the quality of metal outer walls and roofs.

The Quality directive and the Hallmark form the basis for this.

The demands that materials and detailed descriptions must meet, are included in the quality directive and so the quality has become measurable.


A choice for the Quality directive and for assembly by members offers the following advantages:

· Good Engineering, laid down in clear directives

· High quality thanks to functional minimum material demands and assembly directives  

· Low maintenance costs by the high quality of the used material and the professional assembly  

· Reliable partners, because the quality level of the members is inspected  

Delivery and assembly according to the Dumebo DWS conditions, so transparent and clear.



Branch society MDG


Metal outer walls and roofs have been applied at a large scale in the Netherlands for quite some time and now belong to the most important building products. Today metal outer walls and roofs are applied in various types of construction. With the increasing areas of application also the supply of products and systems has greatly expanded. The increase in the supply and applications has also resulted in the demand for a higher quality level.


This growth in metal construction was the reason why MDG (Society Suppliers Metal Roof- and Outer wall materials) was established in 1999. MDG represents a great majority of the companies of the Roofs and Outer Walls branch in the Netherlands and Belgium. Within the association the market is represented in three so-called ‘blood types’:

· Suppliers/manufacturers of roof and outer wall products;

· Suppliers/manufacturers of insulation materials;

· Suppliers/manufacturers of fastening materials.

There are approximately 35 member-companies. Besides the executive committee, the association comprises a Technical- and a PR committee, which play a consulting and informing role. To reach its objectives, MDG closely cooperates with other organizations in the trade.

Activities for the members

It is the objective of the association to handle the affairs of the collective and branch-specific interests of its members. Additionally, MDG aims at lifting the quality of the roof- and outer wall branch of trade to a higher level, among other things by issuing a directive. The ‘Quality directive Metal Outer walls- and Roofs’ adds quality to the building pillar and provides a professional image to the many processing companies that are active in the field of roof- and outer wall cladding.


· Issuing and maintaining the Quality directive Metal Outer Walls and Roofs;

· supporting and participating in exhibitions (for example GevelTotaal);

· (co-)organizing lectures and excursions;

· providing information and public relations in and about the trade;

· providing information and organizing presentations about all sorts of branch-related subjects;

· maintaining contacts with related organizations in the trade.



Developments metal construction branch of trade 2011


As from now, the branch society MDG, for the suppliers, and Dumebo DWS, for the manufacturers of metal outer walls and roofs, will cooperate in many fields.


Cooperation MDG and Dumebo DWS:


In February 2011 the updated version of the Quality Directive was presented. This directive gives clear guidelines, in order to guarantee the quality of materials and the assembly of metal outer walls and roofs, both for the manufacturers and for the customers.

In order to place the common Directive into the chain, a special website has been set up, where the Quality directive is explained and can be downloaded:


Dumebo DWS and MDG are aware of the necessity to position themselves more broadly and professionally in the construction chain, and to tackle the problems round the steel data and computational models and chain integration and will therefore cooperate more strongly. The first step was the approval of the members. As from January 2011 the choice was made to place the secretariat under one branch manager with the Metaalunie. Now we are negotiating to achieve a complete co-operation of both the executive committees and the committees of the two branch organisations.


Since January 2011 Dumebo DWS  has implemented the new Hallmark Dumebo DWS. The specialist contractors as well as the assembly companies of metal outer walls and roofs obtain the designation “recognized Dumebo DWS-company” on the basis of independent project inspections. This hallmark is open to all companies that specialise in contracting, designing and assembling (metal) outer walls and roofs. The hallmark has its own website:

It is the purpose of the hallmark to promote the quality of entrepreneurship and products in the metal roof and outer wall branch of trade, to promote the continuity of the trade and to improve the image of the trade.